wisdom: i need it

I always discover what I want for Christmas when its too late and all the presents that I will be getting have already been bought. But I just discovered this book that I think looks really interesting. Its called Wisdom by Andrew Zuckerman. It is full of cool pictures and interesting design. It has portraits of and wise words from 50 influential people from Nelson Mandela and Vaclav Havel to Jane Goodall and Judi Dench. It looks very interesting and I think I would enjoy reading it and having it on my coffee table.

On the website there's a video of snippets of some of these people speaking and some more pictures.

Its bitterly cold here for the past few days - my carpool's car didn't even start this morning so 45 minutes before I was to write an exam I found out that we had no ride. But with my calm attitude, I was able to think of someone to call, who just happened to be going into town at the same time as us and could give us a ride. phew! talk about stressful exams.

Really yummy - Mix a bit of cinnamon into your hot chocolate mix - i don't really know a good ratio - start with less then add more if you need to - doesn't need a lot. ITs super good!!

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Shauna said...

That looks like a cool book.
you know what's really good in hot chocolate? put your hot chocolate in the same time you put a small or part of a candy cane in and some chocolate (i had some toblerone so i put that in) and stir it till all the stuff is melted. and drink. TO DIE FOR!