Mixing Textures

I had a very busy weekend, mostly spent doing homework (bleh...) and spending time with a couple good friends (yay!). Nothing too interesting to report. Although I did go to a CD Release Party on Saturday night. For Lowana Wallace's new Christmas CD. She's a local artist and had a wonderful party and she played gorgeous music. That was wonderful and really got me in the Christmassy mood. Yay!

This week is going to be really busy too. I really am finding it hard to believe that it is December 1 of 2008. Wow. I have alot of work to do in the next couple weeks and its going to go by so quickly. And my friend gets married on Saturday! I'm very excited about it. But I have a fair bit of work to do...

I just have a boring post today but really beautiful pictures to show - I reeally want to incorporate more sequins into my wardrobe ( haha yikes that sounds sorta lame) and I love these lace gloves. I would be happy with leather ones too. :)

Source: FotoDecadent


as love's silhouette appears said...

I would really like some sequins included in my wardrobe as well. They make me kind nervous though.
Nice pictures!


really like this editorial.love mixing textures,i think it is creates some drama.

The Clothes Horse said...

Gloves are an addiction. I went from none to four pairs in the blink of an eye!