Back from the wedding! Straight back into the swing of things at school - finished up my last project today though so now all I have left are my exams starting Thursday. So that means lots of procrastination time to be had! haha

I have a few pictures from my weekend - I'm not posting pictures of other people though so they're limited but to show you my dress and my pretty hair here we are.

First, this is just me hanging out. The wedding was in Northern Alberta and we got some snow the night we got there and more the day of the wedding. I took a walk one day and just enjoyed the fresh air. I even climbed a fence and ran to the top of the hill in the middle of the fields. It was glorious.

This is the gift Sinead - the bride - gave us bridesmaids. It is called a claddagh ring. Sinead is Irish so this ring has alot of meaning. The Irish use claddagh rings as a symbol of friendship or sometimes as a wedding ring. There are three elements to the ring - the hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty. The ring that we received also has an Irish design on the sides.
The cool thing about this ring is that depending on the way you wear it, it shows your romantic availability. So if you wear the ring with the heart facing outwards, it means you are "open to love" - you're single. And if you wear it with the heart facing towards you, it means that someone has "captured your heart" and you are taken.
Its a perfect present and I love it so much. This picture is of the ring on top of the wedding invitation.

The rest of these pictures are just me being silly and having a photo shoot. It was a great wedding and we got to hang out with and meet both families who were wonderful and so nice. And the groomsmen were really fun to hang out with too. It was a bit of a cold day for pictures but I think we got some nice ones. Maybe when I get those I'll post some up. So this is just a little taste. Oh and I got my hair done which was fun. I didn't end up really liking the back but that doesn't really matter. And the dresses were made by the mother of the bride which is amazing!! It looks like there's a bow there but there's not. And the bouquets were white roses with greenery and little green "coffee beans."

It was a wonderful weekend and I was so honored to be a part of it. Congratulations Sinead and Nathan!


Isabel said...

You look amazing in that dress! What a lovely colour of green.

Shauna said...

You look beautiful michelle! and what a gorgeous ring!