Virtual shopping

So, I didn't end up going shopping today. That will have to wait for another time I guess. We instead enjoyed the 20 degree weather! In November! In Saskatchewan! craziness. We went on the swings and debated the terms "underduck" versus "underdog." I never knew there were two words for pushing someone on a swing and running under them. I've always called it an "underduck" but (and we googled it to be sure) apparently both words are used in different places. Do you say a certain one? Oh and I love this definition of an underduck/dog.

"The recipient will demand more, but this coveted push is best used no more than once per swingset-session, so as not to devalue its thrill factor and drive little kids to extreme sports at unripe ages."

I also discovered a new trend in online shopping that has yet to really take off, but I'm sure it won't be long really. Video shopping. Shopflick.com is an online video shopping marketplace. They sell all sorts of things from fashion, art, jewelry, and lots more. Here's one to check out - Raquel Allegra. She makes customized t-shirts that are quite expensive. If you like the look here's a tip - Camille's tutorial if anyone hasn't already seen it.

To have some pictures on this post I'll leave you with some pics from ET - such a great movie. I really enjoyed watching it again.

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