Let it melt away

I want an old house with radiators so I can have one of these, make tea and banana bread, read a book, knit and read old magazines. And not have to do all this homework I have right now.

Right now, I'm working on creating a sales presentation. I'm selling a High Interest Savings Account from Canadian Tire. If you're Canadian and you like earning money for doing nothing, you should check it out. (My actualy sales presentation is a bit longer/better than this.)

Also, I just realized that many of my links were not working. Bummer. If you were having problems with those it is fixed now and it shouldn't be a problem anymore.


as love's silhouette appears said...

thank you! I am really enjoying blogging although i dont get comments yet, ha.

I would really like to start kniting. is it really hard?

well goodluck on your presentation! and have a nice night!

Jana said...

I want my old house back in some ways . . . in others, it was reeeeally inconvenient. But that radiator thing is amazing! I want a radiator just to get one of those!


hi dear,love this post for that radiator thing.its so quaint!!!