Hope that this is just imagination

Today I actually remembered to take pictures and to take them when it was still light outside! I'm wearing the boots I got a while ago off Ebay. I really like them. They work great with skirts and tights, dresses, and jeans. I love 'em. Click to expand these pictures - they look much better, bigger. And in the second picture i believe I'm talking to Duckie... weird mouth. (The streamers are from the bridal shower last week/we kept them up for the birthday parties this weekend)
Funny stories from today -
1. Waking up - I have my alarm across the room from my bed so I got up to turn it off and was so tired and disoriented that as I turned around to go put on my glasses I actually fell! To the ground! And there just happened to be a balloon on the ground which I popped while falling! It made this huge crash and I just sat there stunned and started laughing.

2. A guy in my class was selling a karaoke mike for his selling presentation today. So in our break between classes we decided to sing karaoke. It was hilarious. And so I decided to get up and do my classic - Thriller by Michael Jackson. haha it was fun, but apparently I might be on youtube pretty soon... yikes! By the way check out this version of Thriller - its 1,500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines dancing to Thriller! haha


Jana said...

I love boots. They're all I wear.

Jana said...

On my feet, that is. Lol.

Mich said...

haha you're cute. yah they're super comfortable - i love them. oh and i love those brown ones of yours that you got i think last year? terrific

nv said...

HAHA only in the philippines would correction centres have karaoke!

Isabel said...

Thanks for the adorable comment on my blog, it is much appreciated. You are super cute and so is your kitty!


hon great boos,even better that they are comfy.
muah xx