Holiday Shopping

I have Monday and Tuesday off of school this week so I'm thoroughly enjoying my time off. I've been hanging out, watching school sports games, watching movies - Transsiberian was a really good, very suspenseful movie, started a new knitting project - I just discovered a knitting group that some girls from school are in that I'm going to join on Tuesdays, very excited about it; and just some lounging around. Its been great.

So, I've started to think about what I want for Christmas. I never know what I really want until a week or two before Christmas because I discover new things all the time. I sometimes have a list of things I want but most of them are usually things that I'll just have to hunt for myself. I like the hunt of finding things on ebay or on a sales rack or at Value Village. But at the same time, gift cards can be sometimes impersonal and while I like them, I don't know. Is that what Christmas gifts should be about? Maybe not.

Anyway, I know I've been wanting a new camera for a long time and here is the one I want if I were to get a new one.
Its a Canon. I like the brown colour. Its also available on Amazon.

Also, there's this necklace I found through Cool Hunting - from Furni's. I like the black one. These would make great gifts.

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