Hope that this is just imagination

Today I actually remembered to take pictures and to take them when it was still light outside! I'm wearing the boots I got a while ago off Ebay. I really like them. They work great with skirts and tights, dresses, and jeans. I love 'em. Click to expand these pictures - they look much better, bigger. And in the second picture i believe I'm talking to Duckie... weird mouth. (The streamers are from the bridal shower last week/we kept them up for the birthday parties this weekend)
Funny stories from today -
1. Waking up - I have my alarm across the room from my bed so I got up to turn it off and was so tired and disoriented that as I turned around to go put on my glasses I actually fell! To the ground! And there just happened to be a balloon on the ground which I popped while falling! It made this huge crash and I just sat there stunned and started laughing.

2. A guy in my class was selling a karaoke mike for his selling presentation today. So in our break between classes we decided to sing karaoke. It was hilarious. And so I decided to get up and do my classic - Thriller by Michael Jackson. haha it was fun, but apparently I might be on youtube pretty soon... yikes! By the way check out this version of Thriller - its 1,500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines dancing to Thriller! haha


Let it melt away

I want an old house with radiators so I can have one of these, make tea and banana bread, read a book, knit and read old magazines. And not have to do all this homework I have right now.

Right now, I'm working on creating a sales presentation. I'm selling a High Interest Savings Account from Canadian Tire. If you're Canadian and you like earning money for doing nothing, you should check it out. (My actualy sales presentation is a bit longer/better than this.)

Also, I just realized that many of my links were not working. Bummer. If you were having problems with those it is fixed now and it shouldn't be a problem anymore.


Long time no see me

I had a great, but extremely busy weekend. It consisted of three birthday parties, bannick, Indonesian food, two viewings of Edward Scissorhands, some CatchPhrase, basketball games, old friends in town, making new friends, House Season 4, and trying to squeeze in some homework. Fun, but crazy. I'm also going to be busy for the next couple weeks so I might not be able to post much.

But I finally have an outfit post to share! Its from today. Not too exciting but I figured out a place to take a picture so that might work better. And if I can do it while its still remotely light outside it might even look good! haha or I might actually look good at least...

Ps, the type of tea I'm loving right now is Tetley's Ginger Mint.


Burnt Toast

I discovered a great online store that sells clothing and household things. Here is a collage of some of the things I like from Toast. Pleated skirts, suspenders, metallic high tops, cashmere tights, fuzzy blankets, and sequined vests. Click to enlarge.


Its all a conspiracy

I had a great day today. I finished school a few hours early today and so went over to my friend's house where we ate grilled cheese and tomato soup and talked and drank tea.... and watched one of my new favorite movies ever!

The Conspiracy Theory! A movie that I can't believe I've never seen with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. I loved it! You should definitely check it out if you haven't seen it. Its funny, romantic, suspenseful - everything a good movie should be!

Here are a couple more things I want (one a little more realistic than the other.)

First, these gorgeous shoes from sotto boutique. Check out their cute blog.

And this cute fur hat from Joe


Late night mumblings

Wow, very busy day today, didn't have time to think about anything to blog about. I was busy decorating/getting food ready/planning games for a wedding shower we held at our place tonight. It went wonderfully!
Did you figure it out? Taylor Momsen is from The Grinch! Oh! and it finally snowed! It snowed once over Thanksgiving but not once since! And for Saskatchewan, that is extremely odd! So I was definitely ready for the snow!


Postcard from Moscow

This picture just fits in with the story I have from school today.
Today in my International Business class, we watched a short film about the joint venture in the 1980's between Canada and the Soviet Union to open the first McDonald's in Moscow. It was insane to see how excited this made people in Moscow. The restaurant was built to seat 700 people inside plus 200 outside and on the first day they served 30,000 people! 1,000,000 in the first month!! Here's a picture of the first day -

The movie was quite entertaining actually, because it was hosted by none other than Christopher Plummer. He, in his typical overdramatic style talked about how this first McDonald's opened "like a beacon." And that McDonald's was the "icon of western capitalism." It was very amusing.

Anyway, I'm going to bed super early because I'm not feeling well but I just wanted to post this pic of a girl many of you know from Gossip Girl (which I'm not ashamed to admit, I really enjoy), but I'm wondering if any of you recognize her from another movie? Filmed when she was just a wee one?

Any guesses?


willow the wisp

I enjoy finding lesser known (in my opinion haha) designers that have some really quality products in their collection. Like this one from WILLOW an Australian designer. These are my favorites but I especially love the long grey coat below and the brown shirt with red detailing and those grey linen pants. But really I would pretty much just love for my wardrobe to consist of this collection. If only I could actually afford to buy anything at this point...

I also really enjoy making these compilations - its fun.

Any opinions?

I can't believe that finals are less than a month away already!! I have at least three major projects due before then as well, as well as a paper, and a wedding! Whoo! Its gonna be busy. I also need to go Christmas shopping which I haven't even begun to think about.

Found via Atsuii

Note: Click on images to enlarge.

Great Big Balloon

I saw a friend's pictures of The Great Reno Balloon Race in Reno, Nevada. It looks beautiful and I would love to see this someday! I think this is soo cool. I also would really love to go in a hot air balloon someday. Has anyone seen this before?

Apparently, its the largest free hot air ballooning event in the USA. After doing a bit of research, I've found that hot air ballooning is quite a big to-do. THere are international competitions. There was a Canadian one in Grande Prairie, AB actually a few weeks ago, which I sadly missed. Had I only known of this phenomenon! Well, someday I'll have to make an effort to make it to one of these events.


Cup of Joe

One of my favorite sources of clothing here in Canada is Joe Fresh. Here's some compilations I made of thier lines. First up, their Fall/Winter line which is in stores now.And here is a peek at their upcoming Spring/Summer 09 line seen in Toronto Fashion Week a few weeks ago. There's lots of fresh colours and voluminous shapes. I see quite a few things I like. For more pictures look here or here.


Holiday Shopping

I have Monday and Tuesday off of school this week so I'm thoroughly enjoying my time off. I've been hanging out, watching school sports games, watching movies - Transsiberian was a really good, very suspenseful movie, started a new knitting project - I just discovered a knitting group that some girls from school are in that I'm going to join on Tuesdays, very excited about it; and just some lounging around. Its been great.

So, I've started to think about what I want for Christmas. I never know what I really want until a week or two before Christmas because I discover new things all the time. I sometimes have a list of things I want but most of them are usually things that I'll just have to hunt for myself. I like the hunt of finding things on ebay or on a sales rack or at Value Village. But at the same time, gift cards can be sometimes impersonal and while I like them, I don't know. Is that what Christmas gifts should be about? Maybe not.

Anyway, I know I've been wanting a new camera for a long time and here is the one I want if I were to get a new one.
Its a Canon. I like the brown colour. Its also available on Amazon.

Also, there's this necklace I found through Cool Hunting - from Furni's. I like the black one. These would make great gifts.



I'm not American, but I watched the election results last night and the speeches and am very pleased with the decision that America has made.
Also, Michelle Obama is gorgeous.


Virtual shopping

So, I didn't end up going shopping today. That will have to wait for another time I guess. We instead enjoyed the 20 degree weather! In November! In Saskatchewan! craziness. We went on the swings and debated the terms "underduck" versus "underdog." I never knew there were two words for pushing someone on a swing and running under them. I've always called it an "underduck" but (and we googled it to be sure) apparently both words are used in different places. Do you say a certain one? Oh and I love this definition of an underduck/dog.

"The recipient will demand more, but this coveted push is best used no more than once per swingset-session, so as not to devalue its thrill factor and drive little kids to extreme sports at unripe ages."

I also discovered a new trend in online shopping that has yet to really take off, but I'm sure it won't be long really. Video shopping. Shopflick.com is an online video shopping marketplace. They sell all sorts of things from fashion, art, jewelry, and lots more. Here's one to check out - Raquel Allegra. She makes customized t-shirts that are quite expensive. If you like the look here's a tip - Camille's tutorial if anyone hasn't already seen it.

To have some pictures on this post I'll leave you with some pics from ET - such a great movie. I really enjoyed watching it again.

Well I had a wonderful Halloween. I dressed up as cavewoman (the Flinstone era) for school and then ran errands all over town dressed up like this. It was quite fun actually. I had my hair all in a huge ponytail with a stick which you can't see in these pictures
We decided to keep our black kitty inside today, just to make sure no one got hurt :)
. And we had people over tonight and watched ET which is a perfect movie for Halloween in my opinion. Its based around Halloween time and its a little creepy without being gory or super scary. That was great fun.

Tomorrow we're going shoe shopping for the wedding! Super excited. The wedding is in a month! and her mom is making our dresses for us. Its going to be gorgeous!
Well, its another late night so I'm going to bed. Have a great weekend everyone!!