Back from Outer Space

I hope I have succeeded in putting that song in your head.

I've had quite a nice month settling into a new school, new house, new kitten!! and new closet. I've lost my camera cord, so i don't have any pictures yet but i will find a way.

These days....

I want to go: on a horseback tour of Southern Brazil.
I want to eat: a picnic with friends

I want to wear: Black skinny pants and blazers - pretty much anything like Kate Lanphear

and stripes

And I want to enjoy: autumn in all its glory

And I don't want to: stop listening to Sam Robert's song Taj Mahal - can't find it anywhere online though sorry.


Ian Elford said...

We're having such a beautiful autumn here in Edmonton. Everyday the train pops out of the tunnel into the river valley, which is full of gold and red trees. It's amazing. Sadly, the leaves are starting to disappear. But this has been one of the best autumns I can ever remember. The leaves have been beautiful for weeks now, and the weather has been warm and sunny nearly every single day.

The Clothes Horse said...

Awesome list. I would adore a picnic too...