Happy Halloween!

Oops I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday and this post isn't too exciting either. I'll try to post pictures of my costume tonight. Its pretty rad. This afternoon I get to grocery shopping and go to the hospital (my roommate's getting a cast off) dressed up! haha fun.

here's a picture I really like from Altamira NYC. I got a blazer a little while ago from Value Village and am liking putting it together with various outfits.

So yah, expect another post later. Have a great day everyone!



Soo... I wasn't able to blog until late tonight because I was hanging out with some friends and it was really fun.

So... I have exciting news. My beautiful Irish friend Sinead, .... asked me to be a bridesmaid for her!!! I was soo excited to say yes. :) yay!! I'll tell more tomorrow I need to get to bed.


Hey Duckie Duckie

I have never before owned a pet, so when my roommates suggested getting a cat, I thought it was a great idea!

haha. little did i know... For the first few days she was super fun. She was very cute, exploring the house and getting used to us and she was so well behaved! We named her Duckie as in the Ugly Duckling. Not because she's ugly, but because she was unwanted. We got her from a farm that had too many cats.

After the "honeymoon" stage, she started to show her true colours. She has a cycle of mellow and cute --> getting excited and pouncy-->hyper and running around-->pinball machine, literally climbing the curtains-->getting tired and sleepy-->sleeping-->back to mellow and cute and it just continues on in this cycle.
She also has fairly sharp claws, and having never had a pet before I was unable to appreciate these. I didn't like her pretty much at all. Then one weekend we were home alone. Saturday afternoon I forced myself to grin and bare it when she started playing with me and her claws were out. This was about three or four weeks after we'd had her. And I can now officially say that it actually doesn't hurt! (usually - I had some bad scratch marks from when she "didn't want to be picked up") I have turned into one of "those' pet owners that say "she's just playing!" Ahh!!! (I still don't really like any other animals - just Duckie. She has a "friend" that comes over to play sometimes and I don't really like her.)

So I'm not sure if I really "love" her yet. But I've started showering her with kisses (more so to annoy her I think) when I go to bed. Oh and I tried to sleep with her one night and that just didn't work. She was fine, I just couldn't sleep - too scary. So I'm not a super huge fan still, but I like her and know how to live with her now. And she hasn't really made me mad anytime recently (like when she pooped on my roommate's bed three times in two days!! those were bad times)

Duckie - our crazy, psychotic cat :)


Rebel Chic

I had a really good day today. Got all my midterm exam marks back and I did really well! So I'm super excited about that. And.... I got a really positive lead on an internship for next summer so I'm really excited about that too.

My goal is to blog every day for this week so we'll see how that goes. Here is a gorgeous editorial from Harpar's Bazaar UK Nov 08 that I love!!

Credit: Belle


I got Boots!

They're not exactly Chloe but they were a good price and now i have something to wear with dresses and skirts in the winter. I'm very excited about them! I bought them off Ebay which was a little nerve wracking because I wasn't sure if they would fit but I got them today and they're perfect!


Happy Thanksgiving!

One of my favorite models is still Irina Lazareanu. She took this season off and so we haven't seen her much. Fellow bloggers will remember her from last year when she was uber-famous. But I was looking at some old pictures and was reminded of how cool she is. I hope she comes back!

She has awesome personal style and is gorgeous. She gives off a 60's London rocker vibe which I love and wish I was cool enough to emulate. She may be a little last year but she's still inspiring me.

She's also Canadian which makes her oh so much cooler. :)


Back from Outer Space

I hope I have succeeded in putting that song in your head.

I've had quite a nice month settling into a new school, new house, new kitten!! and new closet. I've lost my camera cord, so i don't have any pictures yet but i will find a way.

These days....

I want to go: on a horseback tour of Southern Brazil.
I want to eat: a picnic with friends

I want to wear: Black skinny pants and blazers - pretty much anything like Kate Lanphear

and stripes

And I want to enjoy: autumn in all its glory

And I don't want to: stop listening to Sam Robert's song Taj Mahal - can't find it anywhere online though sorry.