Viva la Vida

I have two weeks exactly until classes start. And next Sunday I officially move into my first "place of my own." I'm living with two of my best friends - S (who I visited in Kelowna) and H. I'm getting so excited. I went to IKEA on the weekend and bought a bunch of things I needed including a bookshelf, coffee table, sheets, and other random things like that. Very fun.

Unfortuneately, we are still very poor students, and most of our stuff has come secondhand from people trying to get rid of what they have. So, in my childhood dreams of "moving out" I more envisioned images like these - via the Selby

rather than this haha, this isn't necessarily what it will look like, its just a picture of my worst nightmare. We have a few random pieces of furniture. But we're planning on covering them and our colour scheme (for the living room) is chocolate brown, light blue and white/cream. So hopefully over time, things begin to look nice and comfortable! You have to start somewhere and its more exciting to build a collection of home decor that has sentimental value, rather than stocking your house in a one-time IKEA binge. At least, in my opinion. I will try to post some pictures of the finished product but that probably won't be for some time.

So, for the last little bit of summer, I'm trying to enjoy it the most I can. I've been watching Olympics, camping, suntanning, reading magazines, and am just starting to think about packing. eek.

So, for those of you who have already moved out, how do you handle the "food issue?" Do you guys all chip in for an equal portion of all food? Seperate shelves, no touchee? Cook together, cook alone? I'd like to hear some different ideas. As well as any other tips for living on my own! I'm not worried about my roomies though cuz I've lived with them before and I love them loads!

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Richel said...

I think I am beginning to form a love affair with interior design...