These boots were made for walkin

As a student, I spend alot of time thinking about what I want and can't have. I try not to dwell on it too much, because really I do have alot and am very happy being a student but there are still things that I promise myself, "one day, you will have some disposable income and be able to buy things you want."
Right now, I really want ankle boots for this fall/winter. But being tall, I know that boots with a super high heel just wouldn't get worn enough for me to invest in them. So here's my solution (?) - a $1245 pair from Chloe!!! oh great.... but seriously, if I could find something like this (obviously probable without all the beautiful adornment) I can envision these with everything in my closet. LOVE.

Found via Lulu. Picture via The Selby - check out his cool pictures of people's apartments.


Wendy said...

Those are too badass chic for words!

One Sweet Day said...

wow, I dig those boots.

Thanks for the comment. You're the second person to say that I have an accent.. I DO?! When did I pull an accent if you don't mind me asking? hahaha it's just so interesting to hear~ Thanks

bear said...

those boots are amazing!

Arielle said...

ahh i know what you mean. I hate having so much time at work to go through the internet it makes my back to school wish list a mile long and about 99% I can't afford :/
cute boots!!

Richel said...

I would constantly try to wear those shoes. They're so ostentatiously beautiful.

Unwise Pedestrian said...

Those boots are amazing. I recently bought some studded boots that are a similar shape, with similar heels and they're great for Uni!