On the weekend, I went on two separate trips to the mountains and saw so many beautiful waterfalls, and icefields, and mountains. Very fun and a good last weekend with the family and last trip to the mountains for a while.
While we were travelling I brought along some old Vogue magazines that I had from the library. One was an Escape issue - and now I have rekindled my travel bug. I want to go on an African safari, and tour southern Brazil by horseback. And many other places... someday I will be done school, and I might actually be able to go to some of them!

I also read an article about a lady that was one of the girls who chased the Beatles in New York, one of the girls who started Beatlemania! I found it really interesting and especially enjoyed the part where she talked about "wearing tweed caps over their long black bangs. With their black eyeliner and Kabuki-esque makeup,With my faux Courreges dress, ivory tights, and matching white lipstick." Mod is so cool!

This Missoni look is obviously mod-inspired.

And of course the Chanel tights that are "a gas" -
Only a day and a half left of work cuz they gave me Friday off! So happy!!

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Shauna said...

I love your pictures! and i'm excited for you that you only have 1 1/2 days left at your very boring job :)