Let the Games Begin!!

To my surprise, not everyone loves the Olympics. Personally, I LOVE the Olympics. I grew up watching them, I love everything about them - I think what I like the most is that the whole world is involved. Its a huge deal and you learn so much about other countries and it just unifies the world. I don't just watch certain events either - anything that is on I will watch it. I'm sad that I have to work this year, but with the fourteen hour time difference there isn't much happening while I'm at work. Its just happening while I'm sleeping. This morning when I got up the Opening Ceremony was on. I didn't get to watch all the pretty stuff (I'm sure I'll be watching re-runs tonight!) but I got to see some teams enter the stadium.
Very cool to see how excited they are - especially some of the really small countries when there's only a few athletes - must be so exciting for everyone in those countries. Ahhh.... Olympics.... :) Will you be watching? And who are you cheering for?

I got these pictures from smh.com.au and olympics.ca. And here's an interesting blog post from New York Times about watching Olympics on Canadian television hee hee.

Anyway, enjoy the Olympics everyone! and Go Canada! PS I'm going camping on Saturday to Sunday this weekend. yay!


1234 said...

hi! oh man i love watching the olympics! um i havent read life of pi OR emm yet, i know shame on me..and ell uk should be at chapters.. i know here its not at every chapters, so you might have to look around.

jayne said...

hey, thanks for checking out my blog! yours is awesome too, would you like to trade links?

i watch the olympics b/c i feel like its my patriotic duty or something, but i do enjoy some of it. i like gymnastics, but the US womens team is so frusturating this yr, well except for shawn johnson, she's perfect! and i'm definitely getting into all of this michael phelps excitement. overall i'm a winter olympics fan

yiqin; said...

I was so impressed by the female weightlifting !! They are only 48 kg & can lift something that wights 221 kg!!! & here I am, having some trouble wit my own bags sometimes :/

The Clothes Horse said...

I quite unfortunately have been too busy to watch the Olympics! But my sister is taping them. ^_^ Hopefully when we meet up (months from now) we'll watch together and eat Chinese food.