Wishin' and Hopin' and Thinkin' and Prayin'

Planning and dreaming for these beauties (that look alot better on) from Aldo. Unfortueately, they're $120 (although it says $130 on the site). That would be 3x as much as I've ever paid on shoes. Yah, I'm too cheap for my own good sometimes. I don't know what to do!

Maybe I'll just eat Ramen noodles for September...

Also today is my last day of work at my summer job!! woo-hoo! they gave me my last day (tomorrow) off so that's wonderful


On the weekend, I went on two separate trips to the mountains and saw so many beautiful waterfalls, and icefields, and mountains. Very fun and a good last weekend with the family and last trip to the mountains for a while.
While we were travelling I brought along some old Vogue magazines that I had from the library. One was an Escape issue - and now I have rekindled my travel bug. I want to go on an African safari, and tour southern Brazil by horseback. And many other places... someday I will be done school, and I might actually be able to go to some of them!

I also read an article about a lady that was one of the girls who chased the Beatles in New York, one of the girls who started Beatlemania! I found it really interesting and especially enjoyed the part where she talked about "wearing tweed caps over their long black bangs. With their black eyeliner and Kabuki-esque makeup,With my faux Courreges dress, ivory tights, and matching white lipstick." Mod is so cool!

This Missoni look is obviously mod-inspired.

And of course the Chanel tights that are "a gas" -
Only a day and a half left of work cuz they gave me Friday off! So happy!!


Viva la Vida

I have two weeks exactly until classes start. And next Sunday I officially move into my first "place of my own." I'm living with two of my best friends - S (who I visited in Kelowna) and H. I'm getting so excited. I went to IKEA on the weekend and bought a bunch of things I needed including a bookshelf, coffee table, sheets, and other random things like that. Very fun.

Unfortuneately, we are still very poor students, and most of our stuff has come secondhand from people trying to get rid of what they have. So, in my childhood dreams of "moving out" I more envisioned images like these - via the Selby

rather than this haha, this isn't necessarily what it will look like, its just a picture of my worst nightmare. We have a few random pieces of furniture. But we're planning on covering them and our colour scheme (for the living room) is chocolate brown, light blue and white/cream. So hopefully over time, things begin to look nice and comfortable! You have to start somewhere and its more exciting to build a collection of home decor that has sentimental value, rather than stocking your house in a one-time IKEA binge. At least, in my opinion. I will try to post some pictures of the finished product but that probably won't be for some time.

So, for the last little bit of summer, I'm trying to enjoy it the most I can. I've been watching Olympics, camping, suntanning, reading magazines, and am just starting to think about packing. eek.

So, for those of you who have already moved out, how do you handle the "food issue?" Do you guys all chip in for an equal portion of all food? Seperate shelves, no touchee? Cook together, cook alone? I'd like to hear some different ideas. As well as any other tips for living on my own! I'm not worried about my roomies though cuz I've lived with them before and I love them loads!


Let the Games Begin!!

To my surprise, not everyone loves the Olympics. Personally, I LOVE the Olympics. I grew up watching them, I love everything about them - I think what I like the most is that the whole world is involved. Its a huge deal and you learn so much about other countries and it just unifies the world. I don't just watch certain events either - anything that is on I will watch it. I'm sad that I have to work this year, but with the fourteen hour time difference there isn't much happening while I'm at work. Its just happening while I'm sleeping. This morning when I got up the Opening Ceremony was on. I didn't get to watch all the pretty stuff (I'm sure I'll be watching re-runs tonight!) but I got to see some teams enter the stadium.
Very cool to see how excited they are - especially some of the really small countries when there's only a few athletes - must be so exciting for everyone in those countries. Ahhh.... Olympics.... :) Will you be watching? And who are you cheering for?

I got these pictures from smh.com.au and olympics.ca. And here's an interesting blog post from New York Times about watching Olympics on Canadian television hee hee.

Anyway, enjoy the Olympics everyone! and Go Canada! PS I'm going camping on Saturday to Sunday this weekend. yay!


These boots were made for walkin

As a student, I spend alot of time thinking about what I want and can't have. I try not to dwell on it too much, because really I do have alot and am very happy being a student but there are still things that I promise myself, "one day, you will have some disposable income and be able to buy things you want."
Right now, I really want ankle boots for this fall/winter. But being tall, I know that boots with a super high heel just wouldn't get worn enough for me to invest in them. So here's my solution (?) - a $1245 pair from Chloe!!! oh great.... but seriously, if I could find something like this (obviously probable without all the beautiful adornment) I can envision these with everything in my closet. LOVE.

Found via Lulu. Picture via The Selby - check out his cool pictures of people's apartments.