i AM still alive

Here's an update of my summer. I definitely have not got the hang of taking my outfit photos. Sometimes I'll do it in the morning with 30 seconds to spare before I have to be out the door, and so that is why my room looks like a tornado went through it and they're blurry. So, sorry, hopefully they'll get better. I just need to find a time to do it. When I get home from work I don't feel like taking pictures I just want to get out of my work clothes but anyway. Here's some recent outfits.

Inspired by Zooey Deschanel - one my favorite "celebrities" - she has awesome style and a new cd. She's in a band called She and Him and I love it. This picture is of her from a while ago - you can see 2006 but I think its adorable. I just went to Walmart and bought a ribbon and tied up a little bow. I ended up getting free tickets to the local folk festival that day and just went there straight from work. Luckily my outfit had some sort of character to it cuz everyone else had their cute "festival outfits" that are so popular these days. ^ See what I mean about blurry and awkward poses? Those are actually straight leg black pants - at least now I know.
Now some sorta boring work outfits - but I mean, that's what I wear. Really, going to work I vary from dresses to pants alot and recently I've been wearing a lot of skirts. But how short is too short for work? So many bloggers seem to wear such short skirts and I love the look of it but I wore a skirt yesterday that is like three inches above the knee I'd say? Longer than my fingertips if I put my arms down anyway - keep in mind i'm 6 feet tall (:O) but I'm fairly sure I got a couple whistles! I tend to not really notice when I do I sorta think I hear it and just keep on walking. It wasn't in the office or anything...
but still! do you guys get attention from passersby in this manner?