Stick a Feather in my Hat

A few weekends ago, I picked up a little baggie at a garage sale (one of my favorite things about summer!) that had some feathers in it, intending to make some headbands out of them. In the bag turned out to be this gorgeous leather and bead thing that I've made into a headband. I was quite excited about that. Plus I still have the feathers to make another! I like the idea that Annah had of wearing flowers in my hair too. Very summery. I like the idea.

THe bottom left feather headband is from Just Liv's Etsy shop. THe others are a mix of random inspiration (Mary Kate and Erin Wasson) and Urban Outfitters.

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bi-style said...

I love headbands! It's so 70's!
and the girls on the pics looks so great!