Neck lace

So, I have a new necklace. I made it yesterday. Inspired by these chain and chunky necklaces above, I went with my dad to Rona (the local home renovation store) while he got some white-tipped screws. I picked up this chain for $6 and fashioned it into a necklace! I love it. And I love that I made it in about three minutes.

PS. this is the first self-portrait I've posted. Hopefully some more to come since I finally bought new batteries for my camera! haha.
Also am going to Kelowna this weekend to visit friends and so I leave tomorrow and get back Sunday. Sooo excited.


Jenny H. said...

thats so great that you made this!
its gorgeous :)

and yeah i agree. they look good paired with floral dresses and beautiful feminine clothing.

Wendy said...

Great job! I'm totally digging the whole bunch of chains look, might make some myself.

Jana said...

Ooh, I like it! I need to buy more necklaces. A few weeks ago I hastily cleaned out my closet and got rid of nearly every single one that I own. What a great excuse to buy more . . . !

Mich said...

Jana! You got rid of stuff and didn't give it to me!! :O