Back from Kelowna!

Kelowna, BC is a beautiful place. My friend S lives there, having recently moved from USA and so I went to visit her and her family and my friend T for the weekend. We had a fabulous time going to the beach, soaking up the sun, eating the Best burgers in the world at Gorgeous George's, going out dancing, drinking on the patio, cutting S's hair (my first time cutting hair except for my bangs), buying wine from the Okanogan, hitchhiking (accidentally - we were waiting for the bus and he offered to pick us up. Turns out he knows Sarah's dad! haha), BBQing, making brownies, and going for a long walk looking at the beautiful cherry blossoms. It was so nice outside that I actually didn't feel like shopping which is sort of wierd but it was a really nice relaxing weekend and I'm so glad I got to go.


The Clothes Horse said...

It looks beautiful there.

Miss at la Playa said...

Wow, what a pleasant place!

emily said...

very cute pictures!