Rain Rain Go Away

Its been raining here for pretty much a week straight. I like the rain - I like the smell, the greenness of everything, and walking outside it feels fresh. But after a week I get tired of entertaining myself with indoor activities. And, since I'm a student off for "summer" I feel ripped off and that I should be experiencing "summer weather." So I am ready for sun and outside times now. Fortuneately, it is supposed to warm up this week I believe.

Finished Silas Marner by George Eliot. Surprised me. I quite enjoyed it. Having recently read Adam Bede by her, I can see a bit of her writing style and its unique. She isn't too concerned about keeping the whole book busy and full of exciting events. But as soon as you start to think you might be attached to an idea, its snatched away and pretty much the worst thing that could happen, happens. It sort of confuses me as to why they end happily though. It doesn't seem like they should. Anyway, yet another book of my list done but still not quite 2% haha!!

Also read Anne of the Island. Hee hee. sigh... its my favorite of the Anne series. Its ridiculous (she gets proposed to upwards of 5 times in about four year) haha. but I love it. I especially enjoyed reading about her college activities as I'm currently getting my BA and reading about how her and her friends lived in a house during that time. Me and two of my friends will be living in a duplex next year (no more res for me!!) and I'm getting pretty excited about that.

And am currently reading 1984 by George Orwell. I had started a couple years ago and didn't get into it very far at all (like a few pages) but this time I was hooked from page one and haven't been able to put it down basically. It is so good. My dad said he read it before 1984 (the actual year) which makes me feel slightly inferior but it is still so applicable today I think. Sometimes I get messed up in thinking that this is in the past like during the War. But I have to remind myself that it is actually written as in the future.

Anyway, I bought my copy of the book at a thrift store I believe (or else a garage sale) about five years ago. As I was reading it on the train this morning, A piece of paper fell out of it. Embarassed, as people were walking on and off at this time I picked it up and jammed it back in the book. Later, I saw that it was a handwritten poem entitled "Time." It was the only thing on the paper. So when I got to work I googled the poem (the wonders of the internet). Its been quoted by countless different people but I think I found the original author - Benjamin Mays. Its cool that someone left the poem in the book for someone else to find and I just feel like I should pass it on.


You have a precious little minute,

Only 60 seconds in it,

Forced upon you, Can't refuse it;

Didn't seek it, Didn't choose it,

But its up to you to use it.

You will suffer if you lose it;

Give account if you abuse it,

Just a tiny little minute...

But Eternity is in it.


Ragamala said...

I really love the smell of grass after it rains. Although it's not particularly pleasant, it always cheers me up as my feet crunch down on the icy glades and the smell just automatically reaches me

Jenny H. said...

i can tell you read a lot of books.

im a bookaholic as well.
all my friends make fun of me cos i am constantly carrying a book around with me. haha.