April 1

When I was younger, I enjoyed being funny, but I didn't really understand what a joke was. So, every April Fool's Day when my brother would try to make me drink green water or salty water, or other silly things, my only retort was "you 've got a crocodile in your eye! made you look" (because you have to look at your eye... its your eye!)

So in honour of that -

Made you look :)

Happy April Fool's Day!



Took a little blogging break there without really meaning to. There was just alot of stuff I could say but didn't really want to.
I'm just going to talk about this amazing movie I watched a couple nights ago. Amelie.

I had been wanting to watch it for years, and finally got the chance. I absolutely loved it. If you haven't seen it (which I assume most of you have) go. now.

I loved the randomness of the beginning and I really enjoyed that even though I had to read the English subtitles, the jokes and plays on words still somehow made sense and were quite funny. It is absolutely beautiful - set in Paris as well. I also had a revelation of how I am quite similar to Amelie in my attitude towards men, sadly. I like them, but sometimes they freak me out, and I'm not really sure why. Especially when there are any romantic feelings involved. My friends have promised to just tell me when the time comes, "Open the door!!"

I just really loved this film. As well, Ali has been doing a tribute to the movie on her blog this week so if you've seen it you will appreciate her postings.