So, I received my set of double-pointed needles in the mail from eBay. They're so nice and came in this case.

And I practised and practised and finally can knit in the round! Here's my practice swatch -

I'm really excited about this. Now my next task is to buy some new yarn and make some legwarmers and fingerless gloves!!

I had a nice Valentine's Day - we had a surprise party for a couple of friends and we played a bunch of games. It was really fun - that is one my favorite things to do. Play games with friends. I actually get quite competitive and its pretty funny. Since I am quite single and content this was the perfect way to celebrate! Also, I made some valentine's -

This weekend I'm going to be finishing a book and writing a report for my Urban Sociology class. Its quite interesting.

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Shauna said...

wow, michelle that kit is really nice!! you didn't tell me you were going to buy that! i wish i could talk with you about the movie face to face!!!