This is...

What makes me laugh right now -
Its a Japanese TV show called Human Tetris. If you want a laugh, check it out.

Also, I finished "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck. Its a novella, so it didn't take too long. Its quite the depressing little story! Its a common theatrical production, but honestly I think that would not be an enjoyable show to watch. Its quite sad, anyway.

My list, 1001 Books to Read Before You Die, is actually a book and the library here at school actually has it - so I'm gonna go check it out (no pun intended -I mean I'm going to check it out of the library). It contains review of all the books, so I think it would be good to have. And I guess if I can get it out of the library I don't need to buy it. I wonder though, if you're writing a book about 1001 books to read before you die, is your book on your list?

My brain is a little bit fried today because I finished my Urban Culture book yesterday plus wrote the entire 1900 word review for it! I was pretty proud of myself. I really liked the book, and I might get to do a presentation on it in class, which would be cool.



So, I received my set of double-pointed needles in the mail from eBay. They're so nice and came in this case.

And I practised and practised and finally can knit in the round! Here's my practice swatch -

I'm really excited about this. Now my next task is to buy some new yarn and make some legwarmers and fingerless gloves!!

I had a nice Valentine's Day - we had a surprise party for a couple of friends and we played a bunch of games. It was really fun - that is one my favorite things to do. Play games with friends. I actually get quite competitive and its pretty funny. Since I am quite single and content this was the perfect way to celebrate! Also, I made some valentine's -

This weekend I'm going to be finishing a book and writing a report for my Urban Sociology class. Its quite interesting.


Tragedy and Film

On cbc.ca they reported that there is a major fire at Camden Market in London - one of my favorite locations in that beautiful city. There is no indication yet of the extent of damage done, but I fear that it is quite extensive. Camden Market is a wonderful market full of shops selling all kinds of bits and bobs. It was a bit touristy and some of the items sold there were a little ridiculous, but it was a fun place, and lots of the shops had cool vintage clothing and beautiful jewelry and it had a unique atmosphere. I would be very sad if it were drastically altered. This is the only picture (of mine) that I could find right now. Its from when I was there two years ago now at Christmastime.
Other than that, I've been keeping myself busy doing homework - lots of reading and responses - and trying to watch some films that have been nominated for the Oscars. Recently, I've watched No Country for Old Men, Atonement, and Michael Clayton - all of which are nominated for Best Picture.

NCOM - At first when I watched this I was so freaked out - it was so scary and violent! But I also was really able to appreciate the beauty and depth of it at the same time. (does that make any sense?) Then after thinking about it and reading reviews of it, I've started to understand more fully the implications of the film. It really demonstrates the moral confusion of our time, I think, and the fate of everyone. I really want to watch it again because I think I need to hear some of the dialogue again, but just am not sure if I really can handle watching it again just yet. So I liked it but it was pretty brutal. (again... don't know if that makes sense)

Atonement -I absolutely loved it and really want to read the book (which is on my list... :) what a brilliantly written story and I just love Keira Knightley and Joe Wright (the director - he always does those unbelievably long shots that are incredible). So good.

Michael Clayton - maybe I was just too tired, but I didn't really like it a whole lot. I didn't find it quite as thrilling as it proclaimed to be and I don't think I fully understood it all - not legal minded I guess! - but if you got more out of it - please, enlighten me.

These are not meant to be reviews just what I thought about them, as is my blog - just about my life. So don't take it too seriously ;) but do give me your opinions!