Brilliant Mail Day

I came home (at school) from Christmas break and had a little extended Christmas with all the mail I received. There were some things I ordered and the rest of my ornaments from the swap.

I went a friend's wedding on Saturday and had alot of fun. It was a very simple wedding but it was alot of fun. I came back to school early for it and have been enjoying my time here. I've been finishing up some projects and making some cards, reading Adam Bede by George Eliot (its all right so far) and its been going really well. Not quite ready to start classes again on Wednesday but I'll get there. Speaking of that book I'm reading - its on this list of 1001 books to read before you die. I'm making my way through these and there's alot that I really want to read on it. And that will tie in with my resolution to read a book a month at least. So i'm trying to get as much read before it gets too busy!

Sorry for the boring post.

Happy Monday


Shauna said...

O michelle! i love mail!!! (hint hint) that looks like fun! i'm glad being back is going good for you! and i'm glad the wedding went well!

denise said...

Aw, thanks for the comment right back! And same here, I'm on my second year of business.
Yess, hopefully we can stop the evil habit of procrastination and acomplish all our resolutions!! Haha that will be the day! But hey as you said, we will try!
The reading resolution is hard when your going to schoo! Aside from the big enormous business books we have to read for school, there's hardly enough time for anything else :(. But..'we will try'!! :)