Finished My Book!

I actually finished the book I had started over Christmas Break - Adam Bede by George Eliot. It was quite good and it was really nice to have something to read that was not school-related. I got alot of it read while I've been sick this week. I'm no book critic so I'm not gonna really say much, but that I enjoyed it and really admired Eliot's way of describing her character's and making them come to life. It was quite the controversial story for 1859 when it was published! But it was very realistic, except for the ending which I think was a little too resolved for the severity of what happened in the story. Now I get to tick off another book from my 1001 books to read list. Although i'm still at 1% haha. I guess 1001 is alot...

Oh, and I'm feeling better now. Yesterday too, I was feeling fine and can somewhat talk but not completely - I still have some congestion in my chest- gross!

Last night I watched Finding Neverland. Man, I love Johnny Depp because of his diverse roles. This movie is so cute - it really is beautiful.

Tonight, there is a concert happening here on campus and I'll probably go to a bit of that and work on some homework as usual.


Bad Day

Today was not so great. My third day of being sick - which includes not talking! Today I could not even whisper. You really do appreciate what you have when its taken away from you. I haven't been able to talk to anyone really for three days. That is really hard for me, because I love spending time with friends. But when I can't talk, I guess people don't really want to hang out with me, which makes sense I guess. Today someone thought I was ignoring them and was offended - this made me feel awful because I would never intetionally hurt someone like that. Its especially hard because I live in a public setting - in the dorms at school, and I eat in the caf for meals. After supper, I was pretty upset and feeling sorry for myself, and my sister called. I could barely whisper loud enough to tell her I couldn't talk. I was SO glad she called but how bad does that make you feel to not even be able to talk on the phone, or hold a conversation over dinner, or meet someone new that's standing awkwardly next to you. Not being able to talk is getting really frustrating...


School related

I'm going to talk about something I read about for one of my classes today. For my Leadership and Administration class, I'm reading an article entitled "Servant Leadership" by Robert Greenleaf. There is a reference to a book called Journey to the East by Hermann Hesse. This book ends with a quote that I really like. "Creations of poetry are more vivid and real than the poet themselves."
Hesse was a man with a tormented life and although he would not be able to 'be something beautiful' he could create something that would carry on with people. I just find it really true because often if someone's legacy is carried on, it is because of something they did or created - not the person themself. I looked up on my list of 1001 books to read before you die. And three of his books are on that list! Not Journey to the East but I'm still excited cuz now I want to read those books! Anyway, just thought I would share that quote. Let me know if it means anything to you.


What is Love?

Its been the longest week of my life! I can't believe I've only been back at school for a week. And I've only had the first class of each course. I'm a bit nervous for this semester because its going to be really busy and I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to fulfill my new year's resolutions. I'm taking 5 classes plus a one-credit course. But I'm really excited for my classes and am really looking forward to most of them. I"m in Introduction to Marketing, Human Resource Management, Principles of Leadership and Administration, Introduction to Christian Worldview, Urban Sociology, plus Business Communications. So it will definitely be a lot of work - I've already read a book! (for class tho...)

Anyway, alot has happened this week. My notion of true love has been somewhat crushed. Nothing to do with my personal life but that of a dear friend's. And watching it just makes me wonder if there is such thing as a soul mate or someone that was "made for you" as I used to think. Now it just seems pretty hopeless.

On to some things that I've managed to find time to work on still.

I began working on this before the Christmas break for a Christmas present for a friend of mine. Its a rice heat therapy bag using this tutorial. My first patchwok project. And I LOVED making it.
I also decorated the cover of this journal for another late Christmas present. I saw some similar in a shop in Calgary that were being sold for over $20 and I figured I would just make one. I really need to get some more paper that is better for this kind of thing and better colours of ribbons but it still looked pretty good.

But I just realized that I've made alot of things for other people and haven't kept a thing for myself. I love giving things away but I also would like to have some of my own stuff to work on. But now that Christmas is officialy over I will be able to do that more.

Have a great week!


Brilliant Mail Day

I came home (at school) from Christmas break and had a little extended Christmas with all the mail I received. There were some things I ordered and the rest of my ornaments from the swap.

I went a friend's wedding on Saturday and had alot of fun. It was a very simple wedding but it was alot of fun. I came back to school early for it and have been enjoying my time here. I've been finishing up some projects and making some cards, reading Adam Bede by George Eliot (its all right so far) and its been going really well. Not quite ready to start classes again on Wednesday but I'll get there. Speaking of that book I'm reading - its on this list of 1001 books to read before you die. I'm making my way through these and there's alot that I really want to read on it. And that will tie in with my resolution to read a book a month at least. So i'm trying to get as much read before it gets too busy!

Sorry for the boring post.

Happy Monday