My First Oil Pastel Drawing!!

Inspired by Kal Barteski's Oil Pastel Tiplet. ITs for my roommate who plays volleyball. I wanted to tell her to serve others and to serve the ball. :) And she loves daisies. Its my first ever doing anything like that and it was really fun. I have a really bad camera so sorry about the low quality picture.

I mailed out my ornaments for the swap last week. That was so much fun. I've gotten three of mine so I should be getting some more. Maybe today! I love getting mail.

This is how I packaged them. I really like how they look all lined up in a row. :)

Just three more exams and two days til l go home!


Felicia said...

Good luck with your exams :)

denise said...
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denise said...

I discovered your blog through Hyena's blog, and I've got to say I love the packaging on the ornaments!