Christmas Presents and a Happy New Year!

I had a very enjoyable Christmas and got a lot of very nice things that I wanted and some surprises. I have pictures of what I gave, and will post some of what I received later.

I made more of the ornaments I made for the ornament swap for my mom and dad one for Ian and Jana (my brother and sister-in-law) and one for my sister.

For my mom I gave her a snowflake punch that she wanted, a couple home magazines, and this coaster set plus a couple dishrags - my first completed knitting project!!!

For my dad, I got him this ultra-cool tool that he can turn the christmas tree lights on and off by the touch of this ornament instead of crawling behind the tree. And I also knit him a coffee cozy!! I also knit another one for my friend mel.

For Shauna I made this awesome kit for her to make a collage. She has already made a couple and has posted them on her blog. She is redoing her room in brown, yellow, and green so I gathered paper and a dictionary, and buttons and a whole bunch of random stuff for her to create with and I think she did a mighty fine job. Oh and I got her some legwarmers too.

For Ian and Jana I donated to Ten Thousand Villages. WIth my donation 100 trees were planted in Haiti. A pretty cool way to help others I think! I also got them an ornament from there as well.

So it was a pretty good Christmas!

And now for New Years!!

I have made a few resolutions -

1. To read a book every month - which doesn't sound like a lot but when you're a student to read anything besides a textbook is pretty admirable. So I'm gonna try to make sure I get that much done at least.
2. I also really want to spend more time creating and making things cuz I really love it and I just want to make sure I make it a priority.
3. And thirdly I want to develop my tastes for good books, good movies, and good music further.

I'm pretty excited for this year. Its going to be good and productive I hope.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Hyena In Petticoats said...

Happy New Year, Michelle!

Looks like you had a very handmade christmas!

Thanks so much for dropping by,
Leah xx