Actually Done!!

I actually finished all my ornaments for the swap!! I'm soo excited about them. ITs really my first project where I designed something like this and had to make a mass quanitity of them. I"m really excited about them, and I think in my humble opinion that they turned out quite well!! So I'm pretty proud of myself haha.
Watched a lot of House while sewing (seasons 1 and started 2 - SO good, dude). And watched Wedding Date - utter crap. And The Holiday - better than I remembered but sorta crappy still. I LOVE the idea of switching houses/lives for a couple weeks. But I would never have the guts those girls have to meet strangers like that I don't think! I would hope I would though. Or even sometimes, I dream about renting a house. Like how about this little place in Italy! haha SO COOL.

Anyway, time for another week of school - and I"m not ready. Well, I am (even though I sewed up ten of these little trees this weekend from scratch!), but I'm just not looking forward to it haha.

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Hollabee said...

Hi there, thanks for the comment on my blog. Love your little ornaments...am starting to think that I should have participated too..all the beautiful ornaments out there. Lucky people who'll receive them...