Last paper this semester!!

Finished. Sigh... it feels so good to have this last paper done. Now, I only have less than a month until my exams! Crazy! And I still have many little assignments to do but I'm looking forward to making these ornaments for the swap.

And I need to make a few birthday cards and start Christmas shopping!

I'm excited to start it all and need to get going on it!

Here's a few things I want for Christmas -

CDs - Illinoise- Sufjan Stevens

Michigan - Sufjan Stevens

Feist CD's

Books - Searching for God Knows What - Donald Miller

Fabric, things for scrapbooking, a Starbucks Design Your own Mug.

One thing I'm loving these days is shadowboxes. They're such a cool way to do a collage of ephemera. Does anyone know of any tutorials or how to make these?

Well, have a great day everyone!

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Ian Elford said...

Hey, I was right, you did ask for Michigan for Christmas! You should know better than to buy yourself something right before Christmas, or did somebody else give it to you first?