I think we can all be a little in danger of getting addicted to reading blogs and just being online in general with all the great stuff out there. This interesting article discusses some Korean kids who are "addicted" to the Internet, specifically gaming and virtual reality things. Personally, I think that kids should not have Internet access in their rooms - there should be a family computer with limited times on the internet. Opinions? How many hours a day do YOU spend online? Comment please!

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Percy2626 said...

Hey there fellow swapper! I totally agree with no computers in kids rooms. Although our teens would disagree. We have our computer out where everyone can see what you are doing. We also have a password on it, so they can only use it when we put the password in for them. It is much easier to control that way. There are much better things to do with an evening than spend the whole night chatting on the internet!

I am making my ornaments right now!