I think we can all be a little in danger of getting addicted to reading blogs and just being online in general with all the great stuff out there. This interesting article discusses some Korean kids who are "addicted" to the Internet, specifically gaming and virtual reality things. Personally, I think that kids should not have Internet access in their rooms - there should be a family computer with limited times on the internet. Opinions? How many hours a day do YOU spend online? Comment please!


Help Out!

The folks at Tiny Prints are willing to donate up to $50,000 to a few great charities. All you have to do is choose which charity you would like $0.10 donated to. There's no purchase necessary at all just click and choose one...click here to help benefit either the Starlight Starbright Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, or Big Brothers Big Sisters.

{Thanks to Oh Joy! for this link!}


Last paper this semester!!

Finished. Sigh... it feels so good to have this last paper done. Now, I only have less than a month until my exams! Crazy! And I still have many little assignments to do but I'm looking forward to making these ornaments for the swap.

And I need to make a few birthday cards and start Christmas shopping!

I'm excited to start it all and need to get going on it!

Here's a few things I want for Christmas -

CDs - Illinoise- Sufjan Stevens

Michigan - Sufjan Stevens

Feist CD's

Books - Searching for God Knows What - Donald Miller

Fabric, things for scrapbooking, a Starbucks Design Your own Mug.

One thing I'm loving these days is shadowboxes. They're such a cool way to do a collage of ephemera. Does anyone know of any tutorials or how to make these?

Well, have a great day everyone!



It is Remembrance Day here in Canada. We remember those who went to war and fought for the sake of this country. We remember those who lost their lives and those who lost loved ones. We thank you.
I did some more online shopping. I found out about a deal so I got both of these prints for $15!! i'm pretty excited. I've never bought prints really before so i'm a little bit nervous as to whether I'll like them when I get them. I always see ones I like online and am nervous to buy them. ButI thought this was a good price to experiment.

Aren't they cute?? I'm pretty excited to get them.

Hope all is well.