What I bought Today

I did some online shopping for the first time in my life today. Its very exciting and I have to make sure I don't get in these moods very often. I purchased some things I've been looking at for a while and love. And everything was quite cheap.

These two t-shirts are from http://www.bythebeardofzeus.com/ They are closing their website (as soon as I find them dang it) and so everything (except jewelry) is on sale. So i got these shirts for $13 each.

I know that this is like the most random thing ever, but here in Canada, we have a holiday called Rememberance Day- where we remember the Canadian soldiers who have fought in wars. As a symbol, we pin a poppy onto our lapel. They do this in England as well. So i thought that this poppy would be a great idea. And I can use it every year hereafter. I got this from http://www.etsy.com/ for $5.

Finally, I got this shirt from www.modishoppe.com for $22. Its more than I would pay for a shirt if I went into the store and bought it. But guaranteed no one else will have this shirt (especially at my school) and I just really like it.

So, I've had a good first experience with online shopping, but like I said, I just dropped like $60!! So this can't happen too often.

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