Watch This!

I really want to get a new watch, seeing as my old Mary-Kate and Ashley watch (its been a while eh?) stopped working recently. To score me some creds, I bought the watch on sale to know what time it was, you couldn't see that it was marykate and ashley at all and it was metal and dressy - not cheap looking. anyway, i know - its embarassing. So I really like this watch at all (Christmas present anyone??)

Here in Canada, it is Thanksgiving. Its been rainy so I haven't really been able to get outside which has been sad. We've sorta been cooped up in the house. But Happy Thanksgiving!



Man, I'm feeling so inspired these days. I've been spending so much time discovering new blogs and online shops. I don't think I ever want to go to a mall again!! There's just so much cooler, unique stuff out there!! And with internet being so fabulous its so easy to get! It also helps that the Canadian Dollar is practically at par with the American Dollar. My new favorite blog is Curious Bird. Not only does her constant crafting inspire me to get off my butt and learn how to sew and do some cool stuff, and also start making some more cards because I love making cards!! Also, I just love some of the things she's done with her life like quit her job with her boyfriend and travel around Asia and other places for 7 months!!! That is totally something I WILL do. I just think that is the coolest thing ever. She makes these beautiful shadowboxes that she sells at her website.
She always does things with super cool (often vintage) fabrics.
I don't want to appear like a creeper, but I've been reading through all her archives and am just loving everything she puts up. I'm psyched to start my own creativity!!
For the next week though I have so many papers to do I have no time. Right now I"m taking a relaxing evening to myself. But THen its time for crackdown!!

I made this collage a little while ago out of a whole bunch of pillows from Poppy Cotton. They're all so beautiful I couldn't decide which one I liked best so I made a collage for my desktop. haha.

They're so beautiful. I love them. Oh and since I"m on such a pillow kick, aren't these great too? These are from Sukie.

Well, I think that's all for today. Off to read some more archives. haha


What I bought Today

I did some online shopping for the first time in my life today. Its very exciting and I have to make sure I don't get in these moods very often. I purchased some things I've been looking at for a while and love. And everything was quite cheap.

These two t-shirts are from http://www.bythebeardofzeus.com/ They are closing their website (as soon as I find them dang it) and so everything (except jewelry) is on sale. So i got these shirts for $13 each.

I know that this is like the most random thing ever, but here in Canada, we have a holiday called Rememberance Day- where we remember the Canadian soldiers who have fought in wars. As a symbol, we pin a poppy onto our lapel. They do this in England as well. So i thought that this poppy would be a great idea. And I can use it every year hereafter. I got this from http://www.etsy.com/ for $5.

Finally, I got this shirt from www.modishoppe.com for $22. Its more than I would pay for a shirt if I went into the store and bought it. But guaranteed no one else will have this shirt (especially at my school) and I just really like it.

So, I've had a good first experience with online shopping, but like I said, I just dropped like $60!! So this can't happen too often.