Exciting Discovery

So somehow, I found this ultra-cool blog this week. http://www.ohjoy.blogs.com/ Its done by this girl who owns her own designing business, and she has great ideas. I've been going through her complete archive starting from two years ago and I've been getting so excited about different pictures she'll have on for inspiration, different fashion she finds, and other designers. I've been discovering all these cool shops in the states and all this stuff i love. I've saved so many pictures and bookmarked so many pages. haha its really brilliant and inspiring. It reeeally makes me wish i could draw so that could be my life. sigh. at least she writes a blog so she can make my life more enjoyable haha!

Also, i went shopping in this cool area of town - Kensington- yesterday for the first time and discovered several cool stores that i love.


This store is full of vintage garden pieces, quirky french style gifts, candy, body products, "shabby chic" decor items. I really like it. Its a great gift store.

Next, http://www.boxpaperscissors.ca/

This stores is full of cool paper and things to make cards, they also have a wedding invitation service. They have lots of cute cards and boxes and paper and stuff. I love making cards so this is a cool store for me.

Also, a clothing store called Purr. It doesn't have a website and i didn't spend a ton of time inside, but they had gorgeous clothes.
So, I'm excited about these new discoveries, and can't wait to go back to them probably tomorrow or the next day.

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