Brown Baby!

I dyed my hair last night a really dark brown. It used to be light auburn (brown with red touch). I really like it but it is very dramatic. Its pretty much the same as Sophia Bush's hair here. My hair just past my chin though. I really like it. My skin is about as fair as Sophia's as well so it looks really good if I do say so myself.

I was looking through my dresser today and found an old shirt I had got from a cool vintage store in Whistler, BC a few years ago. Its a t-hirt that has undergone t-shirt reconstruction, which is a cool trend where you take a number of t-shirts and/or other materials with cool colours or patterns or whatever and cut them up and make a new shirt with it. I think my shirt is too small for me now unfortuneately, but i found this website that has many more (really cute ones) for sale.
Here's an example of one really cute one:
I want to try to go through my old clothes that don't reallyfit anymore or that have stains on them and instead of throwing them away try this cool idea! The thing is though, you can't just throw any old shirts together. they have to be good colours and fabrics that work well together. and there has to be some pattern or it will probably look weird unless they're really nice colours. So it could include some thorough hunting at some thrift stores or something but i think it would be fun.

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