Back to school shopping!

I went and did my back to school shopping this weekend. My parents gave me $100 to spend on back to school clothes. I've already bought a number of things this summer, including a new pair of straight cut (practically skinny) black pants from Tall Girl (I"m 6'0) for $20 which I was quite excited about.

Shopping List (things i purchased)
From Superstore
  • thick grey ribbed tights - size x-tall (up to 5'10). yah they're a bit awkward but i'll make em work) - $8
  • red skinny patent leather belt - $6
  • cowl neck thin knit t-shirt navy and dark grey subtle stripes - $24
  • white v-neck t-shirt - $4

From Wal-Mart

  • John Frieda Brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner
  • Sally Hansen Nail colour in a colour i can't find on the website its a dark blue, i'm hoping its not too bright - $2
  • Rimmel Waterproof Wide Eyes mascara
  • T-shirt bra - grey $10
  • black patent peep-toe shoes that aren't quite a heel but a bit of a wedge. but just like an inch heel - $15

So, it was a pretty successful shopping excursion. Joe at Superstore has a lot of great stuff. I wish I didn't have to buy stuff at Wal-mart but as a struggling student, they've got what i need at the right price.

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