I found some cool t-shirts on Target.com And they're all ten bucks! My favorite is the white one. I'm really into graphic design but lots of that stuff is really cutesy flowers so i like this cuz its still very graphic designy but its a little bolder. Which one do you like best?


Brown Baby!

I dyed my hair last night a really dark brown. It used to be light auburn (brown with red touch). I really like it but it is very dramatic. Its pretty much the same as Sophia Bush's hair here. My hair just past my chin though. I really like it. My skin is about as fair as Sophia's as well so it looks really good if I do say so myself.

I was looking through my dresser today and found an old shirt I had got from a cool vintage store in Whistler, BC a few years ago. Its a t-hirt that has undergone t-shirt reconstruction, which is a cool trend where you take a number of t-shirts and/or other materials with cool colours or patterns or whatever and cut them up and make a new shirt with it. I think my shirt is too small for me now unfortuneately, but i found this website that has many more (really cute ones) for sale.
Here's an example of one really cute one:
I want to try to go through my old clothes that don't reallyfit anymore or that have stains on them and instead of throwing them away try this cool idea! The thing is though, you can't just throw any old shirts together. they have to be good colours and fabrics that work well together. and there has to be some pattern or it will probably look weird unless they're really nice colours. So it could include some thorough hunting at some thrift stores or something but i think it would be fun.


Back to school shopping!

I went and did my back to school shopping this weekend. My parents gave me $100 to spend on back to school clothes. I've already bought a number of things this summer, including a new pair of straight cut (practically skinny) black pants from Tall Girl (I"m 6'0) for $20 which I was quite excited about.

Shopping List (things i purchased)
From Superstore
  • thick grey ribbed tights - size x-tall (up to 5'10). yah they're a bit awkward but i'll make em work) - $8
  • red skinny patent leather belt - $6
  • cowl neck thin knit t-shirt navy and dark grey subtle stripes - $24
  • white v-neck t-shirt - $4

From Wal-Mart

  • John Frieda Brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner
  • Sally Hansen Nail colour in a colour i can't find on the website its a dark blue, i'm hoping its not too bright - $2
  • Rimmel Waterproof Wide Eyes mascara
  • T-shirt bra - grey $10
  • black patent peep-toe shoes that aren't quite a heel but a bit of a wedge. but just like an inch heel - $15

So, it was a pretty successful shopping excursion. Joe at Superstore has a lot of great stuff. I wish I didn't have to buy stuff at Wal-mart but as a struggling student, they've got what i need at the right price.


Beautiful Vases

These vases are designed by Hella Jongerius. THey are available at IKEA!! BUT, they are $50... but they're gorgeous! I think the black one is my favorite.

Exciting Discovery

So somehow, I found this ultra-cool blog this week. http://www.ohjoy.blogs.com/ Its done by this girl who owns her own designing business, and she has great ideas. I've been going through her complete archive starting from two years ago and I've been getting so excited about different pictures she'll have on for inspiration, different fashion she finds, and other designers. I've been discovering all these cool shops in the states and all this stuff i love. I've saved so many pictures and bookmarked so many pages. haha its really brilliant and inspiring. It reeeally makes me wish i could draw so that could be my life. sigh. at least she writes a blog so she can make my life more enjoyable haha!

Also, i went shopping in this cool area of town - Kensington- yesterday for the first time and discovered several cool stores that i love.


This store is full of vintage garden pieces, quirky french style gifts, candy, body products, "shabby chic" decor items. I really like it. Its a great gift store.

Next, http://www.boxpaperscissors.ca/

This stores is full of cool paper and things to make cards, they also have a wedding invitation service. They have lots of cute cards and boxes and paper and stuff. I love making cards so this is a cool store for me.

Also, a clothing store called Purr. It doesn't have a website and i didn't spend a ton of time inside, but they had gorgeous clothes.
So, I'm excited about these new discoveries, and can't wait to go back to them probably tomorrow or the next day.


An Exciting Story

This is my way of saying a public thank you to "the man in the blue suit jacket."
Yesterday I was taking the train home from work, and was sitting on a bench and reading my book. A man was standing on the end of the train behind the plexiglass poster thing, so I couldn't see him. He was talking on his cell phone and was getting into a fairly heated discussion about something or other. It started to get quite loud and finally he slammed his phone shut. I was glad that we wouldn't have to listen to taht anymore. A couple stops later however, he got on the phone again. I believe he was talking to his wife. After some quiet heated discussion, it got so loud that i had to stop reading and just look up in disbelief. He was swearing and almost yelling and saying "SHUT UP! I JUST WANT YOU TO SHUT UP FOR A MINUTE!!!" Then all of a sudden the man in the blue suit jacket who was sitting in front of me, who I think had seen my look of disgust, jumped up and told the man "You need to make your private conversation a private conversation." The phone guy was not happy about this. He started swearing at blue suit guy and telling him to take a hike and get out of his face. But blue suit guy (who did not look like your typical hero) stood his ground and said that we didn't have to listen to him. The phone guy started telling his wife about the "moron on the train." I just looked out the window, wanting to cry and puke at the same time, praying that phone guy wouldn't punch blue suit guy or something. While this happened the train was stopped for some reason, which added to the mounting tension. As the train started to go the man continued talking but not as loud or as rudely. He was still very upset with blue suit guy. As we got off the train phone guy yelled "A**Hole!!" I felt so bad for blue suit guy because he was doing the right thing for sure, but this jerk made him feel like the idiot. I didn't get a chance to say thank you to blue suit guy so here it is - Blue Suit guy - you did the right thing and i thank you for standing up to that man. Don't back down!


Red Cardigan

I just recently bought an LBD from H&M which was on sale for $15. I want to get bright accessories that i can wear with it. Today i saw a cropped red cardigan, similar i think, to the one below except v-neck and a gorgeous red. It was at Suzy Shier for $25. NOt sure if it would look good with the dress though because the dress is sort of drapey at the neck and stuff, but it was a good idea for a way to make the dress look different. Don't know how i feel about paying more for the cardigan than the dress though!

Red Ipod

yup!! I'm the only person in North America left who doesn't have an ipod. I ride the train every day and actually feel in the minority without one. I was wanting the black 30GB one but really, although I do have alot of music I don't listen to 30GB worth. ANd so I went to www.apple.com to find a picture and saw this and if you buy one, Apple donates $10 to fight AIDS in Africa, which is something I feel strongly about. So now this makes me want to get an Ipod even more, to support this great idea of theirs. And also, it will just help raise awareness cuz who's seen a red ipod before?
I'm a student, so I don't exactly have a ton of money at my disposal but I've just realized that there are so many thing that I want. SOme things I need to buy in the next few weeks, some I probably won't get for 10 years. This is just my wishlist. And I thought it would be a good pasttime, because my summer job can get a bit boring, and I need something to do!! Plus, maybe by living vicariously through my wishlist I won't be as tempted to actually buy these things. hahaha. yah right....

I can't believe i just entered the blogging world. I must be really bored.